De​-​likinging Sehlt

by Dreamt

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I have felt rejected based on race, appearance, and the place society chooses to group me in. Rejection in almost every sense of the word. This album is for those who have felt emotionally manipulated, exhausted, unwanted, unloved, oppressed, looking for a reason to still pursue existence and of course, those who have been rejected. we hope this helps.

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released January 23, 2017


Cellular devices with Microphones (on occasion)

Album Art by Haley Hess



all rights reserved


Dreamt Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Your Chocolate Body is a No
I now award you with being the most honest person in this four-walled escape. Two are probably the best liars in town and unfortunately unaware. WHY WOULD I WANT. ALL THERE IS IS A PULLHYPE LETDOWN. A MAGNIFICENT BUTTERING UP. I can always be someone else. DONT YOU DARE TRY COMING OUT. YOU FUCK. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Realizing your decisions aren't enough. LET ME DO THE TALKING. One day you will wonder what took so long. My pigment of skin can be anything. A cop's pigskin is pus yellow but you claim you bleed blue you fucking fool. I am a million people! A hive and unison mind wishing to leave everywhere at all times. MOSTLY your prison.
Track Name: Tchharder P'ermave
Without discourse or warning. I stare. Followed by a pitiful smile saying I get why you are fucked and will be reminded next weekend. Your days end. In days end. Regression is my highlight and still I get no mention. Can one ass truly be that special? Tune in next time to....!

when I die
write "awwwww" on my tombstone.
Track Name: I can forget forever. Fuck getting tired.
People over Profit. AndandAnd! Profit over Progress! This could be my last note.
All Statements can and should be equally worthless but more or less enjoyable.
Prove me wrong.
over 9 million people have stood on my same path and I never shared anything with them.
Separation is needed.
I can be everyone.
I can have everyone and no one.
This moment allows me to be the aforementioned 9 million.
Thus giving unlimited energy to create and even energy to end you if you refuse to create.
I want everything towards me, for you.
I have funlimited fucks.
Nothing gained.
I can forget forever. Fuck getting tired.